Thứ Hai, 26 tháng 9, 2016

Guitar or piano

Are you wondering about how to play an intrusment ?

Yeah man - that's not as hard as choosing which side you will go on lol.

Guitar and piano stand for two different things in the world - one is for people who get out of stress - one is for people who digg into stress to find gold.

Piano is the stresser thing. First maintain the piano requires tons of different techique and money. Playing piano require tons of money and techique. And buying a piano require tons of tons of money.


Guitar is cheap - easy to learn and master. Yeah with the electic might be more expensive ( you will have to buy something like stand, table, or have to watch some Kathryn Bernardo film but they will be all fine )

Guitar is for boys, piano is for girls.

Guitar is for pickup up girls, Piano is for choosing boy.

Guitar is for the poor, Piano is for the rich.

Guitar is flexible, Piano is not.

Guitar is still trending, Piano is going back to the museum.

Everyone who know and listent to urban music can know what i'm talking about. People are afraid of urban music and trying to make it better - but if they just try bringing back the oldschool ones - their jobs will be so muc easier

The shitty lyrics

Back to the 05's when I just first started listen to music - GVR is the only brand that I listen to.

They have tons of awesome artist, the best of my puberty time lol. Nah, Andree right hand, Only C and DSK ( Da Sun Kid ). They just rock the world with their rythm and flow.

After collegue, I started with Yiruma and kid music ( wtf ). Dude they look chill - belive me. Nothing can beat the music of cuteness haha.

So what is the point here ? How the hell can a man who used to listen to rap - take part in the kiddy things and jazz shit ?

One word: adult.

Being a man means you have to have more responsibility for your life - like be more careful in your word or getting nervous when your parents get sick. Everything started with tiny things like changes in your mindset - you change your tone of music - your change the way you think.

Definately - there a very big difference between people who build a music of your soul and people who enjoy the music - you dont have to be the muscian to enjoy the taste of the music.

Yeah - that's right - but how to detect the type of music you like the most ?

Easy - youtube lol

Just go find the music dear - just find them by typing those stupid words lololololololololol.

What is real purpose of art?

Art is not for shit - art is for people.

Filming looks easy, but not everyone agree with that since 1990. The born of MTV and musiv video just kill everything.

It started with Britney spears - the Baby one more time hit just give the world the whole new breath for music. People stopped looking for music, they started looking for boobs. And this is just the beginning.

Now everything we got is Katy Perry and her big short friend - Lady Gaga.

And they call this fashion lead - yeah.

If you take a look at the beginning of art - people use it as a way to communicate with God. I'm pretty sure there would be no god accpet things like this.

Those fucking creepy things stand for 4 men band in Standford - and in a very supicious way - they became fucking famous in late 80s.

Art is now go with entertainment - and entertainment goes with showbiz. And of course - showbiz comes with scandals - tons of them.

Just take a look at Eminem drug scandals.

Lilwayne fake dimond teeth.

Son Tung MTP fake lyrics shit.

And even the Black Lives matter and National Anthem is now a part of them.

Jimmy Kimmel just started showing up on and on and on with Donal trump.

Where is the art in all of these ? My dear friend ?